① TUMIQUI Unit      +    ② Solar Panel      +   ③ LED Lamps (2pcs)






No installation

Easy to use


Senegal Clinics have given us positive feedbacks of their experience with TUMIQUI Smart Unit !

They can no more imagine not having

TUMIQUI Smart Unit to conduct daily health care!





Verification Testes of Prototypes

and Feedback

Usage of lamp TUMIQUI


Presentation of our activity in Senegal ↑



The Health posts have improved its environment to perform medical practice thanks to our TUMIQUI Smart Unit.

They were thankful that they were not as isolated as they would have been even during the difficult Covid time thanks to the TUMIQUI Smart Unit that gave them liberty of having light and internet.

in the clinic

with TUMIQUI rechargeable lamp




The unit also has

built-in lighting.

Power from

TUMIQUI Smart Unit makes a newborn

suction machine

work efficiently

TUMIQUI has already impacted the life of

80,000 people in health care centers in Senegal.

Training for TUMIQUI Smart Unit

in the office, at home, for the community ...

for the electric fan

to charge your laptop

TUMIQUI is not only practical for daily usage, but also for sudden power outages

Powering the TV

Connection of a video projector for training purposes 

User's voices

I use it to charge the computer, to charge the laptops, it's really useful for us. We're really happy with TUMIQUI. It's the computer that I plug in, that I do my reports for the Ministry of Health.

With TUMIQUI, it really works well. It really suits me so much. With the lamps I work at night, I've done deliveries with the lamps, I'm very happy. Thank you TUMIQUI. I encourage you.

We use the lamps and everything. It's very useful, thank you TUMIQUI. 

Yes it works very well. It facilitates us everywhere in the work. Thanks again. 

It's great, everyone's happy. We charge our cell phones, we use them every day. The TUMIQUI is very very very useful.

Everything is going well, really, thank you TUMIQUI.  Now we can work at night! With the lamps it's very clear. I congratulate you and applaud you. I do my reports at night, it works wonderfully.

Product Type

What is included in the TUMIQUI Kit

portable solar panel



portable lamps

3 different sizes and weights

One size with different weight

rechargeable portable lamp

Basic Specifications

Battery :  Lithium-ion battery  Li(Ni-Mn-Co)O2

System voltage:DC12V

LED lamp (2pcs):6 W(battery capacity 4 hours 〜 1week)

Multi-outlet:2 spots(220V/ 50Hz-60Hz)

USB:4 ports(5V/2.5A)

DC power connector:4(12V)

Charging socket : ①Solar Panel ②AC/DC Adapter ③Car cigar socket

​Delivery from:Exw China

Delivery term: 2 〜 3 months

Minimum order quantity :from 100 pcs

WiFi : System Integrated

(SIM Card needs to be provided by TUMIQUI user)

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