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TUMIQUI Power Digital Solutions

The portable TUMIQUI Smart Kit is a service that fits into our daily life. Besides that, we also offer "TUMIQUI Power Digital Solutions", which combine high-capacity power generation with communication antennas. This innovative service allows for even greater power and high-speed lines to be used within a defined area. 

01_New Pop (6).JPG
NEW POP antenna location (Sandiara)

To confirm the stability and practicality of our product, in March 2022, we cooperated with Sandiara City in Senegal and installed TUMIQUI Power Digital Solutions in 5 elementary and junior high schools and one telecommunication center (NEW-POP). Thus, Network connectivity has been established at all sites, and educational video content prepared by the Senegalese Ministry of National Education can now be viewed on TVs installed in the classrooms. 

Demonstration in a classroom (Sandiara, March 2022)

In addition, to ensure a stable and sustainable supply of electricity and telecommunications, we aim to provide maintenance in line with the local environment under the motto "Made with Japan," which guarantees Japanese quality in maintenance. 

Connectivity test run by our system engineer

TUMIQUI Power Digital Solutions can be used in all industries such as education, healthcare, and agriculture. In addition to supplying electricity using renewable energy in un-electrified village areas, TUMIQUI Power Digital Solutions are the most suitable digital infrastructure solutions for the African regions which cover a vast area of land.

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