TUMIQUI Smart Kit has lit 600 births since its installation in 6 months.

English version coming soon !

There are about 1,488 clinics in Senegal, and if you include medium-sized health centers and smaller health huts, there are more than 4,200 medical facilities.

Electricity is essential for births and emergencies that occur from early hours of the night. In the absence of electricity, clinics use a fuel-powered generator or rely on the light of a flashlight or cell phone on hand to provide medical care.  However fuel is very expensive in African society, so it's not always readily available.  In case of lighting by cell phones, someone has to go to a town to charge them, which is time consuming as usually a charger station is a few kilometers away. 

The TUMIQUI Smart Kit improves this situation and contributes to safe and secure medical care.

Doctors and nurses at clinics said, "The TUMIQUI unit, which can give power by an electrical outlet or recharge small appliances via USB, is very practical as it is easy to take with you wherever you go. In addition, with the wifi, we are able to work more efficiently to enter data for medical records because we don't have to travel a long distance back and forth to the central clinic where the internet is available. We have received a lot of comments from people who said, "we are very happy” ‘.

Video: at Ndiaobambaly Clinic on August 7, 2019